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Kefir is a kind of cultured milk product.

This cafeteria is made by adding grain that is made up of a combination of fermentation of yeast and bacteria for milk. As a result, there are thick and tangy drinks that have a lot of taste compared to quarks.

Studies have shown that Kefir can have many benefits, which affect all digestion, which causes swelling in bone health.

In a small study, it was shown that lactose digestion improves in 15 individuals with caffeine lactose intolerance. These lactose intolerant agents can not judge glucose in dairy products, which leads to symptoms such as cramps, swelling and diarrhea (4).

Another study found that what is known as swelling marks reduced to 6 weeks kefir contributed to 200 milliliters of daily intake such as chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer (5, 6).

Kefir can also help with bone health. One study examined the effect of seafrery on 40 people with osteoporosis, which is a characteristic of weak, porous bones.

Compared to the control group (7), it has been found that bone mineral density has improved in the group that uses Kefir.

Enjoy Kefir or use it to promote your easy and addictive beverage.


Kefir is a fermented milk product that can improve lactose digestion, reduces inflammation and promotes bone health.

2. Temp

Tempe contains fermented soybeans, which are pressed into compact cakes.

The protein rich meat substitute is tough but strong and can be boiled, boiled or roasted before being put in a bowl.

In addition to impressive probiotics, Tempe is rich in many nutrients that can improve your health. For example, it has been shown that soy protein reduces some risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

One of the 42 people with high cholesterol levels observed the effects of eating soy protein or animal protein. For those who found themselves soy protein, "bad" LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol decreased by 4.4% and blood triglycerides decreased by 13.7% (13) 5.7%.

Furthermore, in the test tube study, it was observed that Tempe is a combination of some flammable ingredient, free radicals that are harmful compounds that help in reducing chronic diseases (9) contributing to the work that can work. Can give

Tempeh is suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters. To take advantage of many health benefits, you can use everything in the furnace with a sandwich.


Tempeh is made of fermented soybeans. It is rich in probiotics and has compounds that act as antioxidants and can improve cardiovascular health.


NATO like traditional Japanese cuisine and temperate sodden soybean is a popular probiotics food.

It contains a good amount of fiber that gives 5 grams per 100 gram (10 grams).

Digestion of fibers can contribute to the support of health. It weakens the body, promotes uniformity and adds more mass into the stool to reduce constipation (11).

NATO is also rich in vitamins, an important nutrients included in calcium metabolism and play an important role in bone health. 9 44 In the study of women, NATO subtext was associated with low bone loss in postmenioral (12) individuals.

A nano-enzyme called natosins is also made in NATO fermentation. A 12-topic study has shown that adding blood to natosineas prevents blood clots (13) and merges.

In another study, it has also been found that taking this enzyme reduces the pressure of systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 5.5 and 2.84 mmHg (14), respectively.

NATO has a very strong flavor and easy texture. It is often associated with rice and serves as a part of the digestive breakfast.


NATO is a fermented soybean product. High fiber content can promote consistency and prevent bone loss. It also produces enzymes that reduce blood pressure and dissolve blood clots.

4. Kambho

Kumbu is a fermented tea that is juicy, spicy and spicy. It is made from either black or green tea and has strong hygiene.

Animal studies show that drinking combo can help in preventing lever poison and harmful chemicals (15, 16, 17).

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